17 Practical Uses of ChatGPT for Marketing

Looking for some very practical and easy to follow ways to use ChatGPT to help with your Marketing?

Practical uses of ChatGPTPractical uses of ChatGPT

Unless you’ve been living under a stone for a while you must have heard of ChatGPT….

When you type in something into Google you get a list of links which has information that will help with what you are looking for.

With ChatGPT you can ask a question and get the answer or ask it to do something (e.g. write a poem).

This is really smart use of Artificial Intelligence and this is going to stimulate huge demand for AI.

If you look at Google trends this shows the searches for ‘AI’ over the last 5 years. You can see that for a few years there was not much increase in searches but over the last year it’s started to grow. The big spike is when ChatGPT was released.

You will see these searches dramatically increase over the next few years.

Yes we’re on to something that is going to be huge!!!!

But don’t get too carried away…

ChatGPT has a lot of limitations…

  • It’s not always accurate
  • It’s not the most up to date
  • It helps more than replaces

But it is extremely useful and very exciting to watch it’s development and many other similar tools that will be publicly available.

Practical uses of the ChatGPT tool for Marketing

So lets going through some practical uses of ChatGPT for Marketing:

1. Help create content

If you think that this tool is going to magically create great content for you without any intervention then you are setting your standards low and your content will be average at best.

There will be many issues including the quality of content, lack of original thoughts and it not representing your voice.

But it is a very useful to support your content creation.

For example, if I was writing a post about image optimisation I’d ask the tool to give me some information and this gives me a head start with some ideas. Here’s part of the result:

There’s one thing for sure….. there’s going to be very little new content on the web in the future that did not have some AI tool helping.

Note: The following was shared by Kieran Flanagan (CMO of Zapier).

2. Improve Customer Service

There’s a lot of Chatbots out there that get stuck with basic questions.

ChatGPT is going to provide a more helpful customer service tool that will provide better answers to customers and thus…

  • Reduce the number of people required to deal with customer service issues
  • Reduce time to respond to customer requests
  • Get better as it learns

3. Creating Ad copy

It’s ok creating a couple of ads but what about when you need to create hundreds of variations of ads…


…yes ChatGPT can take the yawn out of this.

Here’s original ad copy:

And here’s some suggested alternatives that would be worth split testing:

4. Find issues in code

Maybe there’s not that many Marketers that code out there.

But…there are more and more tools that can produce code (including ChatGPT).

The challenge is finding issues in the code and ChatGPT can do this.

Here’s an example of some text I have in this article. The replacement text probably reads better but doesn’t read like I wrote it so I wouldn’t use it. I’m not the best at producing gramatically perfect content but that’s not why people read my posts!

5. A research tool

It’s a fantastic research tool where you can quickly research lots of different areas.

If you’re writing a post about podcasting you could ask questions such as:

  • What are the best tools for podcasting
  • Who are the top influencers in podcasting
  • What are the most important things to know about podcasting

6. Support PR campaigns

There are many potential uses in this area, for example:

  • Find relevant Journalists to pitch to
  • Create copy relevant to the Journalist for outreach
  • Analyze Journalist content to find out what interests them

7. Generating email copy

Creating email copy can be very time consuming. It would be great to get help!

  • Onboarding sequences
  • Email outreach campaigns
  • Email funnel sequences
  • Automated responses which is based on the email from clients

Lots of potential uses.

8. Improve existing content

You can paste in an existing piece of content into ChatGPT and ask it to improve it.

And it’s pretty good!!!

9. Transcription and Summarising

Paul Roetzer (founder of Marketing AI institute) shared this idea on Linkedin and I thought it was a good one!

Someone on LinkedIn said that their updates were too long on LinkedIn.

Paul suggested to record a video, get ChatGPT to transcribe and then summarise the transcription.

You could then ask ChatGPT to create Tweets, Facebook updates etc for the transcription.

Very handy!

10. Generating Social Media copy

What percentage of people see the tweet you share?

The engagement rate is the percentage of people that see your tweet compared to engaging with it:

Here’s how you could rate your engagement rates:

So you have to share a lot of tweets multiple times and it’s a pain coming up with different variations of the same Tweet so you can use ChatGPT to come up with those variations.

Of course this can apply to other platforms also.

11. Helping with your SEO

Building your website/page authority to drive more traffic is time consuming. ChatGPT won’t replace the SEO person but it will help speed up the process.

A). Here’s 3 examples Pete O’Connor from Bullet Accounting (great Accounting package) shared with me this video of a Chrome extension which uses ChatGPT for SEO. It’s pretty good….

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

This can help with:

  • Find best place to add links to an article
  • Help identify keywords to target
  • Compare with other top ranking articles and find suggestions for improving ranking of yours
  • Generate meta title and descriptions for pages
  • Generate a list of popular/relevant websites to reach out to (e.g. link building)

Check out the ultimate FAQ for SEO Marketers for ChatGPT

12. Analyse and extract relevant information from reviews

If your business (or your clients business) gets regular reviews online you can paste all of the reviews into the tool and get it to analyse. You can also get it to create a word cloud where it picks out what people are typically saving about the business.

I copied in reviews for a lively Hotel in the City Centre of Dublin in a location suitable for young people. It figured this out based on the reviews!!

“Overall, it seems like a solid choice for younger guests or those looking for a fun, vibrant location in the city”

13. Creating Powerpoint presentations!

I’m speaking at an awesome travel conference called TBEX in Greece. I know…it’s a tough life!!!

My topic is about getting more from your website. I asked ChatGPT to list out the slides/content for the slides and it certainly gives you some good ideas for structure and content. When you have brain freeze this kicks things off for you again. Here’s an example:

14. Getting a useful opinion

I’m thinking of changing our company name ‘RazorSocial’ and wanted an opinion on the names that I came up with. This was really useful and gave me some great ideas.

So just bouncing some marketing ideas off ChatGPT is definitely useful.

15. Steps required to build a Digital Marketing strategy

Imagine you wanted a digital marketing strategy for a company that provides adventure activities in Ireland. The company focusses on corporates, young people looking for activities and families. When you type this into ChatGPT you’ll get a structure you can follow which is really useful.

16. Help with Marketing Hires

Creating job specifications is time consuming. You’ll save about 80% of your time using ChatGPT. Here’s a job spec created for an experience Account Manager.

ChatGPT for Marketing job specificationsChatGPT for Marketing job specifications

17. Find out what you’re doing wrong

Tell ChatGPT all you are doing and ask them for feedback.

For example, you are running an event and you’re promoting across social media, email your website etc. ChatGPT will help you identify your gaps.


There is nothing in this post that ChatGPT does perfectly.

It’s a very useful assistant but doesn’t replace your level of skill and knowledge.

And it will definitely save you a lot of time!

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