Developing a Modern Strategy for Myoptechs

November 10, 2023

Establishing a brand strategy is a vital part of launching a new company and this is especially true for startups. Myoptechs is an ophthalmic medical device company developing a novel soft contact lens specifically designed to slow the progression of myopia, a form of nearsightedness that is characterized by worsening distance vision and excessive eye elongation. In an effort to increase awareness of the brand, Myoptechs partnered with Origo.

Sharing a Medtech Story with Modern Consumers

To begin, Origo worked with the Myoptechs team to create a brand strategy. This included a logo design, tagline, and visual approach for the company and its products — all of which are clearly represented on the company’s website. Based on their proprietary contact lenses, the logo represents a feeling of hope. It’s colorful and friendly, and simultaneously provides the clean, professional look one would expect for a new piece of medical technology. 

The visual approach is bright and encouraging, and features well-lit photography of children and eye care providers. Myopia starts developing in patients as young as six years old. Fortunately, there is a growing landscape of treatment options designed to be prescribed early in a patient’s journey. Origo was proud to participate in creating high quality assets to help spread the uplifting message of the Myoptechs brand.

An Inviting Site for a Promising Product

Once the brand strategy was in place, Origo applied the messaging and graphics to an online landing page. Visiting the new site is the easiest way to learn about the company’s background, discover the new technology, and further interact with the organization. It clearly highlights the benefits of the contact lenses through infographics and succinct messaging.

Origo’s UX/UI team consulted on the website development. The result is a modern, engaging web page that provides easy access to the most important information about the brand. Once the site was live, Origo developed corresponding marketing assets to help promote the company. This included the design and development of content for the company’s LinkedIn page and a branded PowerPoint template for the Myoptechs team to utilize in their upcoming presentations.

The team at Myoptechs is now equipped with a host of valuable assets for promoting the company. The foundation of a great brand strategy is an important part of setting any company up for consistent growth.

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