Google ties in Local Services Ads advertisers to Maps app

Google is rolling out Local Services Ads on its Maps app, starting with iOS, to help advertisers generate more leads directly from the navigation platform.

Why it matters. This expansion brings local business ads to a highly-intent user base actively searching for nearby services, potentially increasing lead generation for advertisers.

How it works. Google will automatically create and display ads on Maps using businesses’ current Local Services Ads data.

The catch. Advertisers can’t opt out of Maps placement without also pausing their Search ads.

Why we care. This could be good news for advertisers with a chance at increased visibility on Google Maps, providing exposure to users actively searching for local services, potentially at the moment of need. However, advertisers should also be aware that this bundling limits flexibility in campaign management and may affect budget allocation strategies

Key details.

  • Launch limited to iOS version of Google Maps mobile app
  • Uses existing ad data and user reviews to create ads
  • No additional data required from advertisers
  • Billing and pricing remain the same as Search ads
  • Advertisers only charged for qualified leads
  • Existing bids will be used for Maps ads

First spotted. This announcement was spotted on Matt McGee on X. He shared the email he received:

Screenshot 2024 06 20 At 21.09.24Screenshot 2024 06 20 At 21.09.24

Examples of it live. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz spotted a few examples on a search:

Screenshot 2024 06 21 At 15.03.44Screenshot 2024 06 21 At 15.03.44

Between the lines. This move leverages Google’s dominant position in local search and navigation to create new ad inventory.

The bottom line. For local businesses, this update could increase visibility to potential customers when they’re looking for services, but it also binds Maps and Search ad placements together.

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