Grow Creatively: How Origo Supports Creative Careers

February 8, 2024

Creativity. Collaboration. Careers. They all go hand-in-hand at Origo Branding. The Origo creative team, led by Creative Director Todd Novak, is passionate about the work we do, the people we do it with, and building great creative careers together. 

To find out what makes a successful creative team member, we recently sat down with Todd to talk about how Origo nurtures creative careers and also get tips to help your portfolio shine.  

“Supporting Creative Excellence” With Creative Director Todd Novak

Q: Whether you’re a recent grad or have been working for years, it can feel intimidating to enter a new workplace. What does Origo value when it comes to hiring new team members, and what helps people stand out?

A: Regardless of career level, everyone who joins our team comes with a certain set of experiences, specific technical skills, an inherent creative talent, and of course, their very own personality. This diversity is what makes our creative team work so well. We need different perspectives to come out in the creative process to inspire each other and enhance our culture. I think being confident in your own perspectives and experiences while still maintaining humility will help anyone looking to enter the creative industry succeed.

Q: Consistent and constructive feedback is the foundation of the creative process. But it’s also good for individual growth. How does feedback help people grow in their careers? 

A: On a creative project, it can be challenging to come up with multiple versions of the same thing and make them all work — but we do. As a creative, you have to push to make sure you’re squeezing the lemon. But even when you do, how can you be sure it’s the right thing? That is where feedback comes in. We welcome it and take a positive and constructive approach to it here. When you get truly constructive feedback from people you trust, you’re going to better understand what works, what doesn’t work, and where to find that sparkle — that creative diamond we’re all looking for. And every time this happens, you grow!

Q: Our creative team prioritizes efficiency and organization. This can be daunting to some creative people. How does managing time and information turn into great creative work?

A: The big reason is trust. We try to remove the elements that can cause confusion or slow a team down. When you have logistical details down, it clears the path to get to the task at hand. We ensure everybody has access to the same information, which gives us clarity to get creative. We also count on each other to do the best they can and manage their work so there are no surprises when we regroup and review the creative. The fact is… we don’t want to let each other down. That trust pushes us to make our work better and ensure the time we spend on a project counts.
Learn more about careers at Origo by visiting our careers page.

Todd’s Tips For a Successful Creative Portfolio

A solid portfolio is essential for getting your first job — or your next job. Use these tips from Todd to help you make your next portfolio a success. 

Focus on your strengths: Many people will attempt to include all of their work in their portfolio, which can lead to including materials that don’t show off their strengths. Focus on what you are good at and truly want to do, and then construct your portfolio around it. 

Tailor your portfolio: Take time to align your work with the person you are sharing it with. It shows that you understand the role you are interested in and how your talent will contribute to their success.  

Own your role: Be clear about your specific role in a project. Take credit where it is due, but attribute credit to the team you worked with where it’s necessary. This will help show the strength of your contribution.

Be comprehensive with campaigns: A campaign should show your ability to apply your creativity and strategic thinking through diverse but interconnected creative elements. Be mindful not to “rubber-stamp” the logo onto various pieces just to convey a campaign.

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