Meet The Guardians of Good Health: Building Awareness for Franklin County Public Health

June 11, 2024

How do you transform behind-the-scenes work into the main attraction? That was the key question for Origo Branding when we began working with Franklin County Public Health (FCPH). Despite being the primary public health partner for the Franklin County region, it was recognized that FCPH could improve its awareness amongst the general public around their work to improve the health and well-being of others in its different communities.

To bring their efforts further into the public eye, FCPH sought to shine a light on initiatives that make a difference in the community, such as vaccinations and food safety inspections. As part of this effort to lift up public health and encourage usage of FCPH services, Origo developed and implemented promotional strategies that included character designs, creative messaging, print and social media assets, video PSAs, and an original jingle that was made to deliver a friendly CTA to audiences from all walks of life!

Revamped Character Designs

To explain the value proposition of public health, FCPH had previously developed 1950s-inspired cartoon characters based on common public health initiatives. Origo revamped the two existing characters, modernizing their designs with additional line-work, expressive facial features, and symbolic accessories while maintaining their original spirit. We also created three new characters using the same stylization. The end result is The Guardians of Good Health: Vicki Vaccine, Frankie Fork, Globey (Gary Globe), Millie Microscope, and Lead-Free Lenny.

The Guardians of Good Health

Origo worked closely with FCPH to develop a messaging strategy that brought the value of public health offerings together with the revamped character designs. Inspired by retro-style public service announcements, comic books, and Jay Ward cartoons, we developed The Guardians of Good Health concept. Like the Justice League, the Guardians stand united to guard public health…and keep you safe!

One Catchy Call-to-Action

In order to drive memorable recognition and awareness, Origo developed a call-to-action that doubled as a jingle. The original music and audio design subtly evokes the nostalgic feeling of classic promotional animations, and the voice talent invites viewers to learn more about FCPH and engage with the Guardians. The result is a jingle that’s fun, familiar, and totally catchy.

Public Health: It Works For You!

The Guardians of Good Health are working to ensure that FCPH and its services are widely known and loved by the general public. From helping spread the word about available vaccines to showing the difference that food safety makes when you dine out, Origo and FCPH are excited to create a campaign that’s out there right now working for you, Franklin County!

Are you looking to raise awareness about your organization’s public health or prevention services? We’d love to help.

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