Proven Strategies for Scaling Your Brand with Fospha’s Latest Insights

If you’re looking to turbocharge your brand’s growth, you’re in the right place. Fospha, a leader in marketing measurement and analytics, has just released a game-changing report: “Elevating eCommerce: Secrets of Scaling Brands.” This isn’t just another report—it’s your playbook for smashing those growth goals. Let’s dive in.

Key Strategies for Different Growth Stages

Fospha analysed 71 eCommerce brands to uncover the secret sauce behind the top performers at each growth stage. Whether you’re a startup, scaleup, mature, or majority offline, there’s gold in these insights.By diving into real-world case studies and expert opinions, Fospha unveils the significant impact of full-funnel marketing and upper-funnel investments on sustainable growth.

Upper Funnel Advertising: The best brands aren’t just throwing money at ads—they’re strategically investing. On average, they’re dedicating over 18% of their Meta budget and 22% of their TikTok spend to awareness and consideration. Why? Because brand visibility is king.

Lifecycle-Specific Strategies:

  • Startups: It’s all about building that brand awareness with Paid Social. Think big, get seen.
  • Scaleups: Now’s the time to double down on conversion activities and impressions-led media. Make those clicks count.
  • Mature Brands: Diversify the marketing mix, increase upper-funnel spending, and explore international markets.
  • Majority Offline Brands: Time to dive into Paid Social, despite traditionally relying on click-based channels like Performance Max.

Real-World Success Stories

Fospha’s report is packed with real-world case studies that show these strategies in action. Check out these brand wins:

  • Pooch & Mutt: By ramping up their TikTok spend, they improved customer acquisition costs (CAC) and saw revenue soar.
  • The Essence Vault: They kept their CAC steady while boosting their Meta spend, demonstrating efficient budget management.
  • Represent: They took efficiency to the next level and expanded their presence in the US market, thanks to their savvy TikTok investments.

Insights from the Experts

Fospha teamed up with Meta Marketing Science team to enrich the report with expert perspectives on effective growth strategies. Alfonso, Marketing Science Partner at Meta, highlights the importance of accurate and actionable measurement systems for smart marketing investments and driving growth.

Download the Report for In-Depth Insights

Want to take your eCommerce game to the next level? Get your hands on Fospha’s latest report. It’s packed with the data-driven insights you need to navigate different growth stages and make your marketing dollars work harder.

Click here to download “Elevating eCommerce: Secrets of Scaling Brands” report.

About Fospha

Fospha is a new type of marketing measurement. Using machine learning to combine multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modelling in one view, provides clear, actionable insights on where to spend to maximise your growth. With a cutting-edge approach Fospha shows you the impact of all clicks and impressions, restoring visibility you lost with iOS14 & 17 and future-proofing you against further privacy changes

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