Refreshing the Online Experience for The MD|DC Credit Union Association

October 27, 2023

The MD|DC Credit Union Association is a leading advocacy and education association for credit unions in the Maryland and Washington, D.C., areas. They advocate for policies that enable credit unions to meet their shared goal of a brighter financial future for all and provide resources that help credit unions and their employees thrive and grow. 

In 2023, the organization defined a need to update their web presence and partnered with Origo to develop a site that features more engaging content for the Association’s audience, a clean and organized presentation of critical information, and new ways to showcase the Association’s recent growth and progress. The team at Origo was excited to partner with MD|DC. The project was an ideal opportunity to highlight the community-minded organization and its impact on the surrounding region. 

A New Approach

Origo began with a new visual approach and content strategy to streamline and refresh the MD|DC Credit Union Association’s online brand. The new branding approach, entitled Your Partner. Your Advocate. Your Association., was selected after a round of collaborative concepting between the Origo and MD|DC teams. The conceptual strategy reflects the organization’s longstanding position as a unique partner that advocates fiercely for its member credit unions.

Taking the Strategy Online

Once a concept was chosen, Origo’s in-house development team began to design and develop the new website. The site offers a completely custom look and feel to reflect the reinvigorated MD|DC brand.

Origo’s UX/UI and development services included an engaging, full-page video banner to welcome visitors to the front page. The site is fully responsive on desktop and mobile devices and easily customizable, so the MD|DC team can continue to update content as their priorities shift and expand.

The revitalized site is more accessible and easier to navigate for the MD|DC team and the credit unions who benefit from the resources they provide. Members of the Association can easily submit job opportunities to be published on the site, expanding visibility and further connecting the members of their growing community.


MD|DC’s most valuable feature is its people, and they wanted to showcase that on their new site. An Origo team traveled to Washington, D.C., to capture videos and photography at a conference hosted by the organization. The human-focused footage and candid imagery were used to humanize MD|DC and set it apart from similar organizations.

A Clear Reflection of the MD|DC Brand

Through custom development, intuitive designs, member-focused imagery, and more, Origo was able to build an impressive site that will have an impact on the credit union industry in the midcoast region and beyond. Want to view the site? Check it out at

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