Sound Design: Using Custom Soundscapes to Elevate Video Content

April 11, 2024

Have you ever seen a video that immediately connected with you emotionally? It’s almost certainly due to thoughtful sound design. No matter if you’re a large corporation looking to launch a new product video, or a local nonprofit creating an awareness PSA, a custom soundscape is essential to grabbing viewers’ attention and delivering a meaningful message they won’t soon forget.

Original music, sound design (sometimes referred to as sound effects), and compelling voiceovers are the audio elements that create a foundation for whatever’s happening on-screen. Sometimes it takes center stage, and other times it sends a subtle, subliminal message. Regardless of how it fits into the picture, sound design is every bit as important as the visual elements in film, motion graphics, or animation.

Why Does It Work?

Sound is an incredibly impactful storytelling device. It can elicit all kinds of emotions from an audience because humans connect with sound on a fundamental level. When it comes to marketing, sound is a key character in the story you’re trying to tell about your brand, product, or service. If you take the time to consider how your videos sound, you’ll end up with better, more relatable content every time. It’s an essential consideration for your marketing efforts.

Our Approach

Our creative team has a wealth of experience developing original soundtracks and sound design for PSA videos, product announcements, mission videos, commercials, and more. The process is always exciting as we bring creative ideas to life. Let’s explore a few of them below.

Mettler Toledo

Origo created an animated explainer video to reveal the new TLW360 Dynamic Scale from Mettler Toledo, an international leader in distribution system manufacturing. We determined that a custom soundtrack was critical to signal the TLW360’s significance and create maximum impact. We worked with audio engineering partner Marc DiCenzo to develop original music and sound design for the video, which complement the stunning 3D visuals developed by our in-house animation team.

The original score sets the emotional tone and guides the pace of the action. It evokes a sense of intrigue and anticipation as if something big has yet to be unveiled. The sound design is also essential, as it helps accentuate the innovative features of Mettler Toledo’s new machine while they’re displayed on the screen.

“The performance features of this new product were the most important elements to highlight beyond the reveal of the machine itself, so the sound was critical,” Creative Director Todd Novak explained as he referenced some of the creative discussions he had with DiCenzo. “There’s a delicate balance between the original music and the sound design. They have to feel recognizable on their own, but they can’t compete with one another. I’m thrilled with how this video turned out, and the original music and sound design played a huge role in making the final product excellent.”

The result is a highly polished, compelling video that introduces the new product, explains how it works, and keeps the viewer engaged from beginning to end.

Ohio for Responsible Gambling: Pause Before You Play

The latest PSA in the Pause Before You Play campaign from Ohio for Responsible Gambling (ORG) encourages people to stop and consider the risks before betting on sports.

The creative team faced a unique challenge in considering the music and sound design for this project. The typical audio that accompanies professional football productions seems like it’d be an obvious choice for a video like this. But while that feels energetic and exciting, it also elicits a sense of urgency that didn’t align with ORG’s messaging. For this reason, Origo decided to compose some original music that sets the tone for a major sporting event and simultaneously feels positive and encouraging.

Great sound design can really elevate your message when you’re working with a short piece of content. The final video tells the whole story in just 30 seconds.

McGraw Hill

Science is all about curiosity and exploration. So, when educational publishing leader McGraw Hill asked Origo to develop a promotional video for their new science curriculum in the state of Florida, we started to wonder about how sound could evoke a sense of discovery. What does fuel combustion sound like in slow motion? Do ants make noise? The possibilities for a custom soundtrack were intriguing and the team at McGraw Hill met us with equal excitement for the project.

In this video, the awe-inspiring sound design makes for a more interactive viewing experience by highlighting the sounds we hear as we explore the world. It invites both students and educators to experience the engaging content within McGraw Hill’s science curriculum.

A Useful Tool for Every Brand

Original music and sound design are effective ways to enhance the quality of your marketing assets, establish a stronger connection with your audience, and leave a more meaningful impression.

Consider the ways thoughtful music and sound would benefit your marketing efforts. How would an original soundtrack improve your next social media video, TV commercial, or radio spot?

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